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A well-crafted estate plan involves careful and thoughtful discussions and the ability to translate your desired outcomes into one or more well-written documents. The laws governing estate planning change often, so it is important to periodically review your existing documents.

An area in which we specialize is the creation of trusts. We work with many different kinds of trust instruments; a key focus area for our firm are special needs and supplemental needs trusts.

Estate Planning

Unbundled Services

Oftentimes, people just need a little help with a small legal problem. Maybe it's reviewing a contract before signing it, or perhaps a residential lease. There are many instances when people just have a few questions about a relatively simple matter. 

In the legal field, these situations are referred to as "unbundled services". It may be helpful to think of these as similar to ordering a la carte off a menu -- you only order (and pay for) what you need. For example, Robert can meet with you to review documents that you've prepared for yourself, review the documents, and offer suggestions. The use of unbundled services is an increasingly popular trend among legal clients nationwide.