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The final step in the sales cycle is collecting payment for the goods or services your company provided. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, collecting payment can be problematic. Robert can help with collecting payment from your business customers.

Business Collections

Employment and Human Resources

For employers, governments at all levels have been very active in creating new mandates which not only affect your business' profitability, but also may affect your ability to manage your workforce. The very best approach for businesses is to understand the requirements and how they affect your business and then to proactively craft policies that will allow your business to not only comply, but to thrive. When a dispute does arise, Robert can work with you to effectively resolve it.

However, why wait until there is a problem? Robert can work with your management team to identify potential problem areas and address them proactively to avoid expensive problems down the road. Often overlooked areas in many businesses include: 

  • Outdated employee handbooks
  • Outdated human resources policies
  • Outdated drug and alcohol testing policies
  • Company procedures out-of-date or obsolete
  • Lack of employee training on critical concepts like harassment, ethics, etc. 

Many companies regularly have their financial books audited. It is rare for companies to have their human resources practices audited. Robert can help your company review its policies and procedures, develop training, and update your company's outdated employee handbook.

When an employment matter does arise, Robert can assist your company in resolving the problem.

Business Strategy

Establishing a business and fostering its growth over time takes a special skill set. The law helps define the playing field for business activities. Robert's professional experience as a business executive coupled with his legal training makes him an ideal partner to assist your company in developing and implementing its strategic direction. Robert's professional, legal, and academic expertise enables him to offer an holistic approach to your company's strategic considerations.

Robert also practices in the area of estate planning. As applied to businesses, this can be expanded to include business succession planning. Developing your business' leadership transition and succession is a key strategic initiative that not only enhances your company's present value, but also helps you develop your own piece of mind.

Internal Investigations

Sometimes a sensitive situation develops that requires investigation by an outside party. As an experienced manager and executive, Robert has performed numerous internal investigations quickly, efficiently, and discretely.